Helping entrepreneurs skyrocket their sales with strategic websites.

Founder & Designer

I'm Lua

I have worked on over 100 design projects, helping businesses increase their return on investment through strategic website design. 

Because of this, I know the strategy that will get your target audience eager to buy your products. There's a misconception in the design world that anyone can throw together a website or logo. And sure, anyone can throw together a website on Wix or a logo in Canva. But if your design isn't rooted in strategy, you'll have wasted time building a website that doesn't convert and ends up making you look like a total amateur.


a CREATIVE STUDIO bringing brands to life through strategic and MAGIK design.


Rise up in your business

We believe we’re all created with unrivaled gifts to share with the world. That’s why it’s our mission to shine a light on what you bring to your customers — through our purposeful web design approach. You’ll walk away with cohesive elements that shape a brand identity you can finally stand proudly behind, turn leads into customers and start making those profit dreams a reality.

VALUES: The SOUL of Cyber Magik 

AUTHENTIC AESTHETICS.Websites should embody everything that makes you and how you make people feel. We’re here to encourage you to lean into your truest self, so we can create a design with authentic aesthetics that light up your soul, making it easier for you to stay golden + show up for your people.

CULTIVATING CREATIVITY.We create space to cultivate creativity. We’re big believers in changing up the medium we work in — from watercolor to acrylic, and chasing different spaces (to the beach or a coffee shop, please!). These outlets make it a breeze to manifest magic, growing our skills and inspiring future work for lifestyle founders like you.

RADIATING GOOD VIBES.Community is everything when running an online business. You better believe we have plenty of love for our circle of clients who give us seriously supportive vibes. And all we ever want is to reflect those feelings to others. We’re genuinely passionate about creating in a way that makes your day brighter and better.

So, let's make a deal - I'll hook you up with a bad-ass brand & website, while you focus on building your pride and joy!